Every Clue To Lady Whistledown's Identity In 'Bridgerton'

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Every Clue To Lady Whistledown's Identity In 'Bridgerton'

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of Bridgerton to follow. Gather 'round, Grosvener Square, for the identity of Lady Whistledown has been revealed. The Bridgerton season finale unmasked the local gossip, revealing that Penelope Featherington was Lady Whistledown all along. (I think I speak for all Gossip Girl fans when I say, thank god it wasn't Dan Humphrey.) Fans will no doubt be debating whether or not Penelope was the right choice for the role, given the many, many questions it leads to.

There are, admittedly, some pretty big plot holes that need to be filled in light of this reveal. Like, how can Penelope afford to print this column if her family is drowning in debt? (Seriously, I need to know.) And why is she so willing to risk her family's reputation? But, looking back at the season, there are actually a lot of clues that prove Penelope is Lady Whistledown. The signs were there, and they were almost as neon as Pen's yellow wardrobe. Let's start at the beginning.

Lady Whisteldown Calls Lady Featherington "Tasteless" & "Tactless"


This description is one of the first things we hear from Lady Whistledown, and while it is brutal, it's also pretty much exactly what you'd expect Penelope to say about her mother. Throughout the season, Penelope frequently expresses her distaste for the bright yellow clothes her mother picks out for her, which suggests she definitely thinks her mother is "tasteless." Now, you might be asking, "But wouldn't Penelope want to spare her sisters from any scandal that might ruin their chances of marriage?" And to that, I say, the bonds of sisterhood can only go so far. It's shown pretty early on that Penelope's sisters think they're better than her, and are the favorites of Lady Featherington. If they're not going to be loyal to her, it makes sense that she wouldn't be loyal to them.

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