Daphne’s Bangs In ‘Bridgerton’: Bad? Yes. Significant? Yes.

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Daphne’s Bangs In ‘Bridgerton’: Bad? Yes. Significant? Yes.

Bridgerton's first season may have traced Daphne's romantic and sexual journey, but the eldest Bridgerton daughter went through another, equally harrowing progression: growing bangs. Daphne's bang journey on Bridgerton goes from baby hairs to baby bangs to bangs that split down the middle — and not necessarily in that order — and it's time we grab our round brushes and unite. We need to talk about these bangs.

To be fair: Daphne's ever-changing bangs are tough to pull off. Actor Phoebe Dynevor does her best to wear the bangs (and not let the bangs wear her), but at times not even Madame Delacroix's finest silks and frills could distract from those split down the middle itty-bitty hairs.

Warning: Spoilers for Bridgerton Season 1 ahead.


But what if these horrible bangs have a purpose? Looking more closely at Daphne's overarching bang journey through Season 1, it's clear that Daphne's bangs aren't mere forehead decor, they actually mirror her growing into adulthood. What begins as a full forehead of baby bangs eventually grows out as she discovers her sexuality and, eventually, becomes a mother.

The Beginning — Episode 1

Daphne's bangs in Episode 1; Images: Netflix

When we fist meet Daphne in Episode 1 on the morning of her official entrance into society, her bangs are but mere baby hairs, two small tendrils curled around the perimeters of her face. But these are not her true bangs, they're styled specifically for the queen, and thus a bit more dainty than her everyday hair, which is revealed later on in the first episode. Those bangs are short, but long enough to split down the middle. In other words: they are the bangs of a child, not dissimilar to Eloise's signature look.

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