Are Period Drama Romances Tainted By The Stench?

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Are Period Drama Romances Tainted By The Stench?

First of all, I apologize for including "period," "taint," and "stench" all in one sentence. But this is just one of the topics covered by our latest episode of Pop Chaser, in which we discuss a new Bridgerton-inspired series on Peacock. Novel, to be sure, but as we all ponder the beauty of a Regency Era-set romance, have we also considered: they probably smell really bad?

It's a problem that has at least plagued me as I watch period dramas featuring explicit romance like Outlander, The Tudors, or, yes, Bridgerton. How can I burn for someone during an era where powder wigs were necessary to cover up their burns and smells from syphilis? Dear reader, I simply cannot.

Let us know if you'd be able to tolerate period drama smells in order to score your Duke or Jamie Fraser, and listen to our latest episode of Pop Chaser, where we discuss this, whether there are any actually good people in Stars Hollow, and hint at some big reveals in the first episode of Gossip Girl.


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