Anthony Is The King Of Sexual Tension In 'Bridgerton' Season 2

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Anthony Is The King Of Sexual Tension In 'Bridgerton' Season 2

Someone as passionate as Anthony Bridgerton should've known that a marriage without love was never going to work for him. But it took him the entirety of Season 2 to work that out for himself. Luckily for viewers though, it was evident due to Anthony's reactions to Kate on Bridgerton. Whether it was a smolder, a clenched jaw, or a tormented expression, dude could not keep it together when he was in the presence of his betrothed's sister, Kate Sharma. And for that, I am thankful.

Kate didn't need any hunting lessons from the viscount and eldest Bridgerton sibling, but maybe Anthony should have showed her a thing or two about being hunted. Because as he tried to push down his base desires, he was looking like an animal trapped in a cage, waiting to be released to be able to pounce on Kate. And that was even without his Wolverine-like mutton chops! Here's all the times when Anthony tried (and failed miserably) to compose himself like a gentleman (instead of the sexual beast he is) around Kate.

When He Discovered Kate Is Edwina's Sister

He had his eyes set on marrying Queen Charlotte's diamond of the season, but those eyes of his nearly popped out of his head when he discovered Kate was her older sister.

When He Stared At Kate Across The Room At Lady Danbury's

He just gave a speech about how actions speak louder than pretty words. And his actions are saying he's falling hard for Kate Sharma.

When He Saw Her Admiring Aubrey Hall

The way he was interacting with Kate, it's no wonder Daphne mistook Kate for Edwina.

When He Admired Her At Dinner At Aubrey Hall

I know it was mealtime, but Anthony looked absolutely ravenous imagining what a handful Kate had been as a child. Daphne, bless her, caught this one, too.

When He Recovered From The Bee Sting

At first, he was genuinely fearing for Kate's life. But the aftermath of the bosom touch left him desperate.

When Kate Called Him By His Name

Anthony's absurdly quick response of "Yes" to Kate's simple "Lord Bridgerton" showed he has it bad.

When He Saw Kate's Leg

Dude's seen a lot of thigh in his day (remember Siena?), but he's barely holding it together when Kate's dress lifted up on their hunting trip. Just look at that grip he's got on his gun.

When Kate Called Him Out For Looking At Her

"And how exactly did I look?" Anthony retorted, before realizing he was doing it again. He's going to pop a blood vessel if he stares at her any harder.

When He Encountered Her In The Library

It's taking all his self-control to not look at Kate as she descends the bookshelf ladder.

When He Approached Her In The Library

After prowling up to her like a big cat stalking its prey, Anthony just flat-out stares at Kate.

When Kate Fled The Library

Anthony heaved a Sigh To End All Sighs.

When Edwina Forced Them To Dance Together

This man wants to devour her. Send help!

When Kate Told Him She Was Leaving For India

Anthony is unwell. And he's going to propose to her sister after this?! For shame.

When She Followed Him Into The Library

Something about the library setting really brings out the big cat in Anthony as he paces back and forth about Kate's imminent departure.

When He Said He Was A Gentleman

I don't think gentlemen are allowed to smolder like that. I am vexed.

When He Defended Proposing to Edwina

Even when he's trying to prove his gentlemanly conduct, he can't help but stare at Kate's lips.

When He Got Jealous Over Dorset

Get it together, Bridgerton!

When He Told Kate All The Things He Could Teach Her

He really is hanging by a thread over here.

When He Agreed To Marry Edwina

Kate's trying to convince them that their feelings of passion will pass, but Anthony's sigh indicates he knows that's not the case.

When He Looked At Kate During His Wedding

Bridgerton knew exactly what it was doing by having Anthony look at Kate while the archbishop said marriage isn't supposed to be entered "wantonly, to satisfy men's carnal lusts and appetites."

When He Helped Kate With Her Bangles

Ah, the interaction that caused Edwina to call off the wedding.

When He Asked Her To Wait

Just make out already!

When He Made The Most Out Of Standing Up Next To Kate

"Was I truly that blind?!" Edwina proclaims. Sorry, Edwina, but yes, yes you were.

When He Sniffed Kate

Have you no shame?! Lady Danbury can see you.

When He Sniffed Kate, Part 2

He might be acting like a feral animal, but at least he's finally sharing his feelings now.

When He Was Just About To Pounce

Anthony's acting like those brute beasts that the archbishop was going on about.

When They Danced At The Final Ball Of The Season

They might have already consummated their relationship, but the smoldering (and the sniffing) is still there.

Thanks to all his pent-up desires, Anthony and Kate's love story on Bridgerton was a slow burn. But as the last love scene proved, that flame's going to keep burning for a long time.

Images: Netflix

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