Ranking of Bravo series... are we compatible?

OK here is my list of my favorite Bravo shows -- #1 is the show I look forward to the most. If it's not on the list, I don't really care too much about it. I mean, I'll WATCH it, but I'm not die hard for it.

10) RHOC. It's fine.

9) RHONYC. It used to be my number one, but in recent years, have I loved it? "Not really," Luann voice.

8) Family Karma. I really enjoy it but it's somewhat of a background show for me.

7) RHOA. I often find that I can't keep up with the drama, but when I'm able to really dial in, it's delicious.

6) Vanderpump Rules. Used to be the number one guy in my group, but recent seasons have tanked it. I think I'll always watch it if it's on, but I won't always love it.

5) Southern Charm. It's nostalgic for me at this point -- Season 1 is an iconic season and I've been trying to recapture that viewing pleasure for seven seasons now.

4) RHOBH. Hated the flop seasons but we are out of that era and into some real drama among the rich and C-list famous.

3) Winter House. Embarrassing how high this is on the list, but I love a capsule collection!! Short season with people and drama I already know? In.

2) RHOP. These ladies make me laugh like no other cast can!! They are a joyous group who loves to get shady, and I appreciate them more than they'll ever know.

1) Summer House. I live for it each winter. TBH though, I'm not exactly looking forward to next season after this season's disastrous reunion, but I know come January, I'll probably be singing a different tune.

** I really hope RHODubai is amazing -- I feel like I"ll love it!