'BDSY's Gabriela Once Had To Wipe The Inside Of A Guest's Nose Every 2 Hours

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'BDSY's Gabriela Once Had To Wipe The Inside Of A Guest's Nose Every 2 Hours

We’ve seen a lot of crazy antics on Below Deck, from charter guests jumping off the boat in the middle of the night to a guest requesting the captain “do something” to make the ship stop rocking in the middle of the ocean. One guest even demanded they have gumballs on deck, but not just any gumballs, colored gumballs. They even threatened to require them to be delivered via helicopter if there weren’t any on board. And while we, as viewers, roll our eyes at the excessive requests of the guests, it’s the crew's job to say yes and grant every wish with a smile. Always.

Imagine how mentally and physically draining it has to be to always grin and bear these outrageous requests. Of course, the light at the end of the tunnel is a shiny tip and a day off in the middle of Spain.

But would you wipe the inside of a guest’s nose every two hours while she was sleeping to nag that $1,500? Gabriela Barragan, currently a stew on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, did.

Gabriela came on Morgan's Pop Talks to talk about all things BDSY, but in this web exclusive below, she explains the craziest thing she's ever done on the job, and wow.

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Morgan Wright for The Dipp: What's the craziest, most dramatic moment that you've experienced on a yacht that we haven't seen on television?

Gabriela Barragan: The craziest, most dramatic experience.... hmm, when I was a lower rank, I just stayed out of it. Or, I just didn't wanna be seen or heard – I was just there soaking up everything like a sponge.

But, I will say the weirdest request I got was one of the misses on the boat asked me to come into her room every two hours to apply Abreva to her cold sore, and Vaseline to her nostrils with a Q-Tip, while she was sleeping.

Morgan: Did you do it??

Gabriela: I did!! Of course I did! She was the owner's wife! What was I gonna say, "Ew! no!" No, I'm like, "okay."

But, um, I haven't really had anything scary or dangerous, really. Yachts can be a very nefarious environment, you know, depending on who you work for.

Most of the time, we keep a log of all of the owner's details, from food allergies to every single girlfriend's name, and the wife's name, down to what kind of soap they like in the shower. And you have to memorize this and you can't mix up the names, because you will get fired. It's a very interesting environment to work in!

For more with Gabriela not found here, listen to her on Morgan's Pop Talks!

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