Adrienne Gang On Rachel's Catastrophic 'Below Deck' Walk Off

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Adrienne Gang On Rachel's Catastrophic 'Below Deck' Walk Off

Well, well, well, Episode 7 of Below Deck Season 8 was a perfect personification of “be careful what you wish for.” We’ve been waiting for the crew drama we’ve come to know on Below Deck, and for once the previews weren’t misleading; we got F-bombs, chem bombs, and a full on nuclear level meltdown.

Finally we see Shane the Shirtless Sleeping Wonder get (rightfully) fired. Now he’s free to go save turtles or find his true calling competing in the National Siesta Championship (Google it), he’d be a shoe-in for the top three for sure. I wonder if everyone gets a participation trophy or if a solid nap is prize enough?

The non-stop F bombing this episode is extreme. Some of them are warranted and the rest just leave me wondering if everyone (Rachel excluded) didn’t brush up on some more creative expletives before participating in a reality TV series for six weeks.

I’m no chemist, but years of doing domestic laundry, as well as the laundry of the rich and famous, has taught me how not to gas the crew on my yachts. Elizabeth, in my opinion, is more of a liability than Shane ever was. At the very least, Shane had accountability for his actions. We never saw him blame anyone else for his mistakes. Elizabeth just can’t seem to take responsibility for her mistakes. If I was in Francesca’s shoes (Oh, wait! I was with Sam Season 1) I’d be frustrated too.

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