Bored By ‘Below Deck’ Season 8? Adrienne Gang Knows Why

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Bored By ‘Below Deck’ Season 8? Adrienne Gang Knows Why

Another week, another lackluster episode of Below Deck Season 8. Following multiple episodes of less-than-stellar performances and mind-numbingly boring "drama," I think I have figured out why this season sucks. And there are a handful of reasons:

We Don't Have A Villain

There’s always at least one crew member that polarizes the group into the “us” and the “them.” It gives us as the viewers, depending on our chosen side, a person to root for and, in turn, applaud the failings of the opposition. For the first episodes that was Charley, the repeat charter guest. With him gone, we have nothing.

Consider Kate Chastain. Love her or hate her, her presence on the show gave us a side to cheer for. Either you found yourself cheering for her to overcome the obstacles that guests and the green crew threw at her, or you cheered for her underlings to prove her criticism wrong. (I have a sneaking suspicion that COVID-19 is the real villain they have been waiting to reveal.)

The Crew Is Allergic To Conflict

With the exception of Eddie snapping at Shane once an episode for stuff that clearly would have sent others over the hand railing in other seasons, we don't have any conflict with this crew. I feel like before the season began someone whispered to them, “Don’t lose your shit on your co-workers and you get $100,000 at the end of the season.”

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