'Below Deck's Adrienne Gang On Bizarre Guest Requests & The Chain Of Command

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'Below Deck's Adrienne Gang On Bizarre Guest Requests & The Chain Of Command

Week 3 of this season of Below Deck turned out to be an episode filled with cheesing guests, fresh meat, and the confirmation that (much to Captain Lee’s chagrin) there is actually a lot of crying in yachting.

We start with the biggest relief of the episode: Charley and Co. disembark. What happens immediately following their departure is the real reason why all these wayward sailors are here: the tip meeting.

Shockingly, for all of their shit behavior, Charley left a jaw-dropping $25,000 tip. I wonder if they also over-tip at their favorite restaurants so they are allowed back in the building again to abuse the wait staff? Or did they just pull off a massive tip so they don’t look like cheap assholes to everyone that they work with in the hospitality industry planning “events”? Either way, bon voyage asshats!

I’m glad for Izzy that she’s been so quickly moved to the deck department. Though the workload won’t be any lighter, from what I can tell of her so far, the fresh air will do her some good. Maybe her previous lethargy was due to all the laundry lint and OxiClean powder she was inhaling in that shoebox of a laundry room.

It’s not as unusual as you would think for junior crew to switch departments on yachts. After all, much like taking varied classes in college, how will you figure out what your passions are without trying a couple of different things? With that said, I’m not a fan of Izzy pretty much abandoning her interior post immediately to go outside and leaving the girls to pick up the slack.

This first crew night out might be the tamest we’ve ever seen. Between the jet lag, the exhausting guests from Lucifer’s lair, and Eddie going all “Dad-mode” on James, it makes sense that following a sushi food coma and a cheeky round of espresso martinis, getting a good night of sleep the night before the new guests arrive is a solid move.

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