'Below Deck's Adrienne Gang & Madison Stalker Debate Fairy Bread Cake Or Gatorade Vodka

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'Below Deck's Adrienne Gang & Madison Stalker Debate Fairy Bread Cake Or Gatorade Vodka

Another episode of Below Deck, another birthday for Elizabeth. In this week's episode "Hide the Salami," Francesca reached her breaking point with Elizabeth, who celebrated her birthday without a kiss, and Rob continues to not take Izzy's new leadership role seriously.

Former Below Deck chief stew, Adrienne Gang, and special guest, Below Deck Sailing Yacht stew Madison Stalker, break down the episode, weigh in on the controversy of the week (mahi-mahi, anyone?), and address the world's saddest birthday cake. Here's to 31, Elizabeth.

On Mahi-Gate

When the interior team was one Mahi-Mahi short for the charter guests, Rachel and Francesca played a dangerous game of pointing fingers at who was responsible. For Adrienne, there was an easy way to prevent it from happening.

Always make an extra one. In the case that someone says, "Oh, that looks good," and wants some, you have it. But in this situation, all Rachel had to do was call Francesca on the radio and say, "Hey, I'm confused, clarify this for me." That's why she has a radio. And then Rachel started saying how terrible Francesca was at her job. She's finding any reason she can to be angry at Francesca.

On Elizabeth's Performance

The ongoing conflict between Francesca and Elizabeth came to a head this week when Francesca sat Elizabeth down for a performance conversation. But was it even worth it? Adrienne thinks Elizabeth is just a "lost cause."

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