Adrienne Gang On 'Below Deck's New Couple, Seafood Extravaganzas, And Goats

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Adrienne Gang On 'Below Deck's New Couple, Seafood Extravaganzas, And Goats

They should rename M/Y Seanna “The Hot Mess Express.” Episode 11 of Below Deck Season 8 brought us drunken shenanigans, hanky panky (finally, but also, ew), something about a goat, puking, almost puking, and more drunken shenanigans.

First of all, fuck Dolores. Not only is this woman a certified nightmare to her “friends,” she’s even more awful and disrespectful to the crew. The fact that the crew had to pull around-the-clock shifts to make sure the inebriated manatee that was Dolores didn’t escape “Free Willy” style and fuck them all by drowning in the dark makes this even worse. The crew is already over-worked and stressed, let’s just pile on by them having to do a specially designed anchor watch for her. (To add insult to injury, Dolores the Destroyer jumped off the tender after being booted from the big boat for bad behavior.)

I thought Lee was generous to let the others stay. On my season, the whole first charter had to walk the plank for snow skiing in the Caribbean regardless of whether they skied or not. Guilt by association is a powerful thing (please refer back to this sentence when the crew makes it to the beach club for the most embarrassing attempt at karaoke I’ve ever seen).

Moving on to the well-behaved guests and horse back riding. Izzy said she felt like hot garbage and might upchuck, but horse back riding and bouncing all that around in her system seemed like a good idea... Sure.

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