What's In The Boxes On The Table At The Emmys?

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What's In The Boxes On The Table At The Emmys?

This year is obviously different in a lot of ways for the 2021 Emmys. There are masks paired with couture, they went with round tables instead of the traditional theater style seating, and... they have TV dinners? Yes, you heard that right. Kathy Hilton is probably cheering in front of her TV tray right now.

At first, I was like "oh, a gift baggy!" but then I took a closer look. And it appears to be a rich person's lunch box. I honestly thought it would probably be something super LA, like an In N' Out burger but no, the TV dinner seems to be a very sophisticated dinner box full of olives, cheese, and charcuterie.

UPDATE: Sarah Paulson went live on Instagram and gave us a tour of the dinner box, which she called "gross" and "sweaty."

[rich Embed]
My zoom in on a dinner box.
A screenshot from Paulson's Live.

EARLIER: Finger foods are the best for award shows (not that I have ever attended) but it feels right. I do hope we get a little Ellen-pizza-at-the-Oscars moment because I know our A-Listers are hungry as fuck. Let's be honest.

At a pre-Emmys party, NBC Los Angeles reported that chef Eric Greenspan made "his new premium American cheese called New School in a grilled cheese sandwich." The sandwich that some of the Emmy nominees and their distinguished guests enjoyed also had "bacon, tomatoes, and balsamic onion marmalade on sourdough bread," according to NBC LA. I mean, a marmalade. OK!

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