What the Oscars' red carpet really looks like

Warming up for the Oscars tonight! Not sure how much longer this ceremony will be around -- feels so antiquated at this point -- but hey, as long as there's FaShIoN, I'll tune in. Saw this and thought that anyone else curious what the Oscars' red carpet really looks like, behind the scenes, might get a kick.

Kyle Buchanan, who works for the New York Times, shared this two minute video of someone (him?) walking the red carpet from start to finish before the stars get there, and it gives you some context as to what the movie stars go through.

I've always wanted to see it in person and probably never will, so this is a close second. Shout out to all the publicists freaking out right now! Besides movie star fashion, the red carpet also makes me think of the normals -- the publicists and managers in black roaming the red carpet, trying to make sure their client gets the right photo with the right people and that Ryan Seacrest asks them about their careers, and not just their dresses.

Anyway! Here's the BTS video of tonight's red carpet: