The Oscars' fan favorite award is kinda embar

Listen I get the criticism for the Oscars. It's a stuffy, one-percenter organization with a devastating lack of diversity among those who can vote for who wins an Academy Award, But I have to ask, is making an Oscars "fan favorite" category the answer? A new rule allowed anyone to vote on social media or on the Oscars' website for their favorite movie and I'm sorry -- will this winner be awarded a surf board, or a golden statue? Because it sounds very Teen Choice to me.

Voting closed March 3, so don't all run to Twitter to cast your ballot for Space Jam 2, because ya can't.

This Oscars is so chaotic. TBH my interest in Awards shows has completely waned over the last 5 years. I know I"m not alone. And I don't think a Fan Fave category will help drum up more inclusion or interest, but hey -- if they wanna slime some actors on stage, I'm here for that.