It's Kate Winslet Being Kate Winslet For Me

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It's Kate Winslet Being Kate Winslet For Me

Evan Peters said it best when he said he'd like to thank Kate Winslet for being Kate Winslet. The British actress took on a role this last year that not only directly led to an influx in vaping sales (don't Google that) but also landed her in hot wooter with some Delco residents who couldn't understand why her accent in Mare of Easttown was one of the "hardest accents" she's ever done. (The local residents don't think they have an accent, apparently.)

Regardless of what Joe Manzi of Glenolden, Penn. thinks about Winslet's performance, the television academy liked her enough to nominate her for an Emmy, which brings us to the moment that inspired this article. The moment Jean Smart won her award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series and Kate Winslet was in the background whooping it up (RHOC reference, just go with it) with what I can only describe as... The Grandma Whistle.

Winslet, who starred alongside Smart in Mare of Easttown — only a mother can call you Marianne like you're in big trouble — was being Kate Winslet and supporting her co-star and friend the only way Kate Winslet knows how. By being Kate Winslet.

Winslet acting this excited for Smart rivaled her excitement for her own win later on in the evening. (Then again, these are the Emmys and this is Kate Winslet... And The Big Bang Theory has won an Emmy. Need I say more?)

It was refreshing to see someone as famous as Winslet put her fingers in her mouth during the Time of COVID. Us normals are all gross and do things that are probably not the best COVID protocols, but watching Rose from Titanic shove her fingers into her mouth to whistle for her friend? You can't help but feel free.

So in the immortal words of Gordo from Lizzie McGuire, Kate Winslet... you rock, don't ever change.

Images: screengrab, CBS

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