American Treasure Tom Hanks Left Out Of 2021 Oscars

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American Treasure Tom Hanks Left Out Of 2021 Oscars

First coronavirus, now this? Tom Hanks can't catch a break! Despite being in two Oscar-bait movies this year — Greyhound and News of the World — America's dad woke up on Monday, March 15, to find that he had been nominated for zero Oscars. Tom Hanks was left out of the 2021 Oscars, but, fear not America, odds are he'll still make an appearance on the television broadcast.

Hanks' two major films of 2020 practically screamed, "Nominate me, Academy!" First, there was Greyhound, one of the early casualties of cinema closures due to COVID-19, which Hanks wrote and starred in. The war movie, about a WWII submarine battle, premiered on Apple TV+ in July, but it barely made a blip on America's radar. Then there's News of the World, an epic period piece that got that coveted, Oscar-bait Christmas release date. That film, at least, has generated a bit more awards buzz, specifically for supporting actress Helena Zengel, who was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Despite their clear Oscar themes — war, period costumes, grumpy men who discover a will to live, and Tom Hanks — Greyhound and News of the World flopped in all major categories. But, they did pick up some technical nods nobody cares about (sorry sound engineers). The Academy nominated Greyhound and News of the World for Best Sound. That's it for Greyhound, but News of the World also grabbed nods for Best Achievement in Production Design, Best Original Score, and Best Cinematography. A respectable handful of nominations, but none for Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks, watching the Oscars from home. Image: Universal Pictures/YouTube
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