Do you feel that your personality aligns with the traits of your zodiac sign?

So I am a Leo but there are moments where I feel more like an Aquarius.. I would consider myself an introvert, and more of a "behind the scenes" kind of guy. Leos are known for wanting to be the center of attention and that's just not me. For example I don't even like having birthday parties anymore because my energy is easily drained when I'm around a lot of people, I'm a fun time for about 1-2 hours and after that I'm ready to go lol.

Some of the Leo traits that I do have is being compassionate, loyal, and having a big heart. I am a very devoted person, but only if I feel the energy is being reciprocated. In my relationships these traits are intensified by 10!

•Let me know if you relate to your zodiac sign or if you feel like your sign doesn't suit your personality.