How to get over love bombing...

It's a cruel and manipulative technique used early on in relationships that gives one party a sense of security while the other plans to just ghost. It's been defined as: "Love bombing" refers to behavior patterns where, at the beginning of the relationship, a partner showers the other with over-the-top attention and affection. 

It can be someone who says "I love you" "I'll always be there for you" "You're my soul mate" quickly, confidently, and then poof, disappears. Who showers you with attention and affection. Who seems like the perfect person!

When it happens, it can WRECK self-esteem and leave you absolutely lost, wondering who you can trust, and heartbroken. It can involve ghosting at the end of the short-lived relationship, or just a full cut-off. Neither feels good.

Any advice on how to move on and trust again?