The Santa Clauses Of 'American Horror Story,' Explained

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The Santa Clauses Of 'American Horror Story,' Explained

Billy Bob Thornton might have been Bad Santa, but there have been some downright evil Santas in the American Horror Story universe. Danny Trejo is the latest one in "The Naughty List" of American Horror Stories where his Santa is a murdering machine. Ian McShane also channeled Santa Claus in Asylum where he played... a murdering machine. And there was the "Crazed Santa" in the movie-within-a-TV-show in Apocalypse where Santa was (you guessed it) a murdering machine. Stories didn't establish if Trejo's Santa is connected to McShane's Santa, but three murderous Santas seems too many to be a Christmas coincidence and there's room for these stories to possibly be intertwined.

In the AHS spinoff series, Trejo's Santa has taken on the ancient legend of the "wild man" and he kills people on his "naughty list," which apparently includes Mall Santas along with YouTube celebrity bros. There's not much backstory to him and Trejo's character is just listed as Santa on IMDb. But maybe he's literally the mythic creature of the wild man. Or an embodiment of Satan since it's not like AHS hasn't done that before.

McShane only appeared in two episodes of AHS, but he had a far more robust backstory than Trejo's Santa when he appeared in Asylum's "Oh Holy Night" and "The Coat Hanger." A few days before Christmas in 1962, Leigh Emerson dressed up as Santa and murdered 18 people from five families in one night and was committed to Briarcliff Manor. As a devil-possessed Sister Mary Eunice explained, he turned to homicide after he was raped by five men after he was arrested for stealing bread. "You see, I knew who deserved to live and who deserved to die. Who was naughty, who was nice," he said.

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