Are The Bald People In 'AHS' Actually Vampires?

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Are The Bald People In 'AHS' Actually Vampires?

American Horror Story has boasted loads of unsettling monsters, from Murder House's infamous "infantata" to Asylum's mutants. Now, Season 10's Double Feature has introduced a new set of creatures that are bald, bloodthirsty, and, apparently, totally talentless.

The two-part premiere of Double Feature introduces fans to Harry, a screenwriter struggling with writer's block. When Harry moves to Provincetown to spend the winter writing, he's greeted by Belle Noir and Austin, creatives who are eager to share their secret to pumping out lauded work: black pills, created by someone known only as "The Chemist." Yet while Austin and Belle Noir are thriving in their careers, there is a downside of taking the pills: It makes people crave human blood.

As it turns out, Harry has already encountered those who have taken the black pills prior to being introduced to them by Belle Noir and Austin. His family is attacked by a bald man with razor sharp teeth, who isn't the only creature of his kind roaming the town. Like Austin, Belle Noir, and eventually Harry and his daughter Alma, these creatures crave human blood, too — they just are a little more showy about it.

As Austin explains, these bald people are the result of what happens when one takes a black pill, but doesn't have innate talent. It's a pretty cruel cosmic joke, actually: You may think you're destined to be the next Sally Rooney, but take a black pill for a little boost of inspiration and you may find out the hard way that you are definitely not.

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