I'm hosting a dinner party for the first time. Is it wrong to ask my chef friend to help me cook?

So I'm hosting a dinner party this Friday with a pretty new-ish group of friends I've made since moving to a new city. One of my friends I invited is a professional chef and I wonder if it's rude to ask her to come by a bit early to help.

For full context, we were hanging out last weekend and I mentioned that I felt a little in over my head cooking for 8 people and although she did give me some recipe advice, I still feel like I can mess this up. She did offer to help, but it wasn't a firm, "yes, I'll be over an hour early to cook with you" and since we are still new friends, I don't want to impose.

Is it rude to point blank ask her to join me in the kitchen? I don't want to make this weird, since this is what she does for work and after all, this is supposed to be fun! Ugh, now I have 4 pounds of salmon in my fridge and I'm nervous.