What do you do on days you feel... not cute

We all have them. Usually, it involves me deciding early on in the day that I'm going to choose violence and make myself miserable in every way. That means 1) Wearing clothes that make me look frumpy and then complaining I look horrible. 2) Not washing my hair and allowing it to sit on the top of my head in a messy bun looking like a rat's nest. 3) Not putting an ounce of makeup on and probably doing something to irritate my skin more just bc I can. 4) Not eating the way I usually eat, which just throws me off more. 5) Being grouchy in general.

What do you do to turn these days around? I'm having one today and can use the advice... I just showered, curled my hair, did my makeup and put hard pants (jeans) on to feel more Done Up. I walked by the mirror though and was like CLOWN.

Any advice?