Best supplement for temporary memory loss

I went through a lot health wise lately and it has affected my cognitive abilities? I think that’s the term. Temporarily. Basically I have brain fog but the worst part of it is when I’m trying to remember a word or phrase that I’ve said over a million times and I can’t remember it. And I know it will come back to me but I find myself getting frustrated about it. It’s annoying because my entire personality revolves around me being clever and the way i arrange my words. I’ve been taking my regular medicines and new medicine for the time being and I know that adds to it. I also take a multivitamin and try to get more greens in my diet. I’m a VERY picky eater so the food that usually helps memory (fish) is gross to me.

TLDR: what are some supplements or that help long term memory loss and cognitive issues? I know fish oil is one. Or even foods you know of that’s not gross that help with this issue?