Friend is off the self-help deepend

I have a friend who’s… very well-versed in modern self help books. New agey, shamanic, semi-magical, “The Secret”-ish kinda stuff.

Now, i think those books are garbage. But thats not the problem i have with my friend. The problem is that they will NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS STUFF.

Every conversation eventually turns to whatever tome they’re currently reading.

“Oh there are racists in the world? They just haven’t read [insert book].”

“Hmm, your abusive relative could really use [insert quasi-spiritual idea].”

Im just so, so, completely uninterested in these books. Listening to my friend talking about them is like listening to someone describe a dream they had. Sure its fascinating for them — but its boring as hell to me!

i know these ideas / books are very important to my friend but i truly do not want to hear about them anymore.

How to i gently, lovingly tell them to stop?

Your advice welcome and needed.