9 ‘Happily Ever After?’ Reactions That Speak Louder Than Any ‘90 Day’ Star Could

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9 ‘Happily Ever After?’ Reactions That Speak Louder Than Any ‘90 Day’ Star Could

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? is full of loud personalities, but sometimes it's the moments of silence that say the most. During the Sunday, April 25 premiere of the new season on TLC, there were a few moments that stuck with me after the episode aired. I love watching the reality show to see all of the colorful characters that make it onto TV, and last night they, or should I say the reactions on 90 Day: Happily Ever After, certainly brought it.

Even in the moments when they had no iconic comebacks for fans to quote later, these stars were as legendary as ever. Check out 9 of the best freeze frames below.

1. Libby

When Libby and Andrei first reintroduced themselves to fans, their trademark snark and annoyance with each other came out quick. As the American spoke about how she knew their marriage would be a “challenge,” she shared that she didn’t anticipate it would become such a “mountain” — only for Andrei to fire back, “You’re a fucking philosopher now.” Her answering look was worth a million words.

2. Angela's Grandkids

Angela’s storyline this season seems to be centering on her weight loss journey, something she discussed with her grandkids during the premiere. After she broke down for them what the surgery is going to do for her, the little ones all took turns rattling off for the camera all the different sweets their meemaw indulges in, but they hit a speed bump when the subject of candy canes came up.

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