I Instagram Stalked Every New '90 Day Fiancé' Cast Member From Season 8

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I Instagram Stalked Every New '90 Day Fiancé' Cast Member From Season 8

Like any good millennial who is completely dependent on their phone, my first instinct during any new season of a reality show is to cyberstalk the participants. Sure, that first episode is going to tell me where they’re from, or what they do — maybe get into a hobby or two, but that’s about it. What I am really curious about is what they were doing on Instagram back in 2014. How many selfies they are posting on a daily basis. If they’re already Insta-famous and just searching for more fame. If they somehow haven’t deleted outrageous content before their television debut and it’s just waiting there for all of us to discover. You know, the nitty-gritty. And, of course, this is especially true for new cast members of 90 Day Fiancé. It’s why I thought I would share the knowledge I recently gleaned from doing an internet deep dive into 90 Day Fiance’s eighth season cast with everyone else.

Season 8 of the entertainment masterpiece which is 90 Day Fiancé features four new couples (as well as a few couples 90 Day fans have seen in past seasons or spin-offs). Naturally, they all are entertaining as hell on paper. But if I know anything from watching roughly 400,249 hours of this show is that social media is where the real answers are. It also tells you pretty quickly exactly who is on the show for love, fame, or just because they are possibly a little unhinged. (Sometimes, it’s a combination of all three!)

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