Investigating Brandon's Pregnancy-Scare-Share Motivations On '90 Day Fiancé'

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Investigating Brandon's Pregnancy-Scare-Share Motivations On '90 Day Fiancé'

By now, everyone knows that Brandon’s parents on 90 Day Fiancé are way too involved in his life — but sharing his and Julia's pregnancy scare with them was next level. After all, they hadn’t even taken a test yet, and even mom Betty and dad Ron were completely thrown by his decision to come to them first. Online, though, fans had a few different theories.

One suggestion was that TLC just doesn’t have much material to work with for their storyline, and so they pushed for a little added drama. After all, a preview of Brandon telling his parents that they think they’re pregnant sure makes it seem a lot more likely that they actually are than a preview where Julia says she’s feeling nauseous in the car.

Another idea, however, was that Brandon simply is just that much of a mama’s boy. He needed Betty to hold his hand during every step of the pregnancy scare process, including during the initial worrying that this could be the real deal, thwarting their plans for a fancy wedding and their dreams of being able to afford their own place someday.

The third take was that Brandon wanted the pregnancy scare to be a wake-up call for his fiancé, but he didn’t want to be the bad guy. The two have butted heads about possible contraception (he doesn’t like condoms, she doesn’t want the hormones) and have tentatively settled on the pull out method. By looping his parents in on it (especially after his mom set up an appointment for Julia with an OBGYN earlier in the season), he was hoping they would take over as the voices of reason. He wanted them to do his dirty work and insist that Julia needs to be put on the pill.

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