Analyzing Andrew & Amira's Explosive Air Travel Breakdown On '90 Day'

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Analyzing Andrew & Amira's Explosive Air Travel Breakdown On '90 Day'

The couples on 90 Day Fiancé face all kinds of obstacles when it comes to actually walking down the aisle, but it’s rare that they never even make it into the same room as each other. That’s why fans were so interested to see Andrew and Amira from Season 8 finally meet up in the latest episode of the TLC show. But when the new episode dropped on Sunday, March 21, the reality stars were still more than an ocean apart — and it seems it’ll be staying that way.

With her quarantine period in Serbia finally up, Amira was all set to fly to the States and finally reunite with her fiancée, Andrew. But when Andrew popped up in the episode, he revealed their plans had fallen through after she decided not to get on the plane. As the episode played out, we got both sides of the story, and once again their accounts seem to contradict each other. So what’s the truth? Let’s take a close look at what we see on our screens and parse it all out.

Andrew was up first

“I mean, this is certainly going wrong,” were the first words out of his mouth as we saw what seemed to be a candid shot of him milling about his own kitchen. The filming crew could be seen and heard on camera as a producer asked him what happened and prompted him to let the cameras in on the drama. “I got a text from Amira, and, uh, she didn’t get on the plane,” he said, sighing and sitting down, hanging his head and petting his dog.

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