Here's Everything The 'Younger' Cast Has Said About A 'Younger' Musical

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Here's Everything The 'Younger' Cast Has Said About A 'Younger' Musical

The Younger cast is littered with musical talent, and yet all we really got in its seven season run was a couple nights at Marie's Crisis. And while that is a great way to spend an evening, can you blame a girl for wanting more? (And by more, I mean a Younger musical featuring the cast of the TV show.) C'mon, we've got Sutton Foster, Miriam Shor, Nico Tortorella, Laura Benanti, and I say this with the absolute utmost respect as someone born in 1992, Lizzie McGuire and Raise Your Voice's Hilary Duff (aka Italian superstar Isabella Parigi) to work with... what are we doing with our free time if not a stage show, you guys!

When The Dipp spoke with Pamela Redmond, the Younger book author, last summer she teased the potential of a Younger musical on Broadway... and we just ran with it. When speaking with some of the cast of the Paramount+ show prior to the series finale, we asked them if they'd be down for the Younger musical... and here's what they said.

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Younger author, Pamela Redmond: "I have had interest, actually [from] producers on Broadway ... I think it would be a great Broadway show, when Broadway comes back."

Nico Tortorella: "It’s not even a question. I would love to be in a musical."

Peter Hermann: "That’s a bit like sitting next to Yo-Yo Ma, and someone asking you if you play the cello! You’d be like, “Oh yeah, I’m great on the cello.” Except I’m sitting next to Sutton Foster and Miriam Shor, and the question is, “Hey, how’s your musical theater background?” [Laughs] I would have to dig back into the courage that I had in high school to do musical theater and brush up. [Laughs]

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