Could Shauna's Baby Be the Blackmailer? This 'Yellowjackets' Theory Might Make Twisted Sense

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Could Shauna's Baby Be the Blackmailer? This 'Yellowjackets' Theory Might Make Twisted Sense

One of the most disturbing scenes on Yellowjackets had nothing to do with cannibalism — and it might lead to a bigger plot twist the Showtime series has yet to reveal. In Episode 6, Shauna discovers that she's pregnant — a problem, considering that A) the team is still stuck in the woods, with no hope of rescue; and B) Jackie's been secretly sleeping with her best friend's boyfriend. In order to remedy the situation, Shauna and Taissa attempt an abortion with a wire, only for the two to abandon the plan after a lot of pain, tears, and nail biting from the audience. If Shauna is still pregnant, however, that begs the question: Where is the baby?

It's possible we'll find all that out later that the baby, should Shauna deliver it, hasn't survive the wilderness. After all, the girls were lost for 19 months, which is quite a long time to care for an infant. (Coach warns Travis of this very thing after he discovers that Travis is sleeping with Natalie.) But this is a TV show, where twists are bound to happen. My theory? The baby will survive...and is the one blackmailing the Yellowjackets with the postcards.

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I know, I know — it might seem far-fetched. But why introduce Shauna's pregnancy if it didn't tie in somehow with the plot?

In addition to Shauna's abortion storyline, there's plenty of discussion of babies and parenthood in episode 6, that might be a clue towards something Shauna will deal with later. Taissa is criticized by her wife for not caring for her son's mental health. Shauna tells Jackie's parents she doesn't even "like" her own daughter. Even Natalie, who isn't a parent as far as we know, gives nurturing advice to Kevin's son. It could all be pointing to the idea that there's a child of one of the Yellowjackets at the very center of all this drama.

It would make some sense if Shauna's son or daughter is the one threatening the Yellowjackets. Perhaps they blame what happened in the woods (cannibalism!) for the reason they were abandoned by their mother — and now, they are seeking revenge. This could work if Shauna gave the baby up for adoption, but that's not the only way the two could have separated. There's a possibility that the child wasn't even rescued alongside Shauna and the rest of the survivors — perhaps the baby was abandoned in the woods, and left with the theoretical second clan living there.

Of course, there are plenty of other possibilities for who the blackmailer could be, from Adam (why are you even here, Adam?) to Taissa in a dissociative state. But Yellowjackets is pretty twisted — like, people eating other people, twisted. Could a secret love child hidden away in the woods coming back for revenge be just another jaw-dropping reveal to throw the audience's way?

We'll have to see — but there's simply no way that Shauna's pregnancy won't factor in to the rest of the show.

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