Goodbye 'Winter House' Drama, Hello 'Southern Charm' Storyline

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Goodbye 'Winter House' Drama, Hello 'Southern Charm' Storyline

By now, everyone knows that Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo are together, and I think at this point, they're quite serious. They're currently together for Thanksgiving (she posted two hours ago that Craig is in Albany, NY with her), and when in the city, she has a "Craig Cabinet" in her apartment.

So naturally, when watching Winter House I looked for all the little foreshadowing moments that lead to when these two eventually get together, and Wednesday night's finale delivered just that.

Over the course of Winter House, we've gotten the impression that Craig just doesn't seem that into his girlfriend at the time, Natalie. A few weeks back on an episode, he said that the more time he spends away from her, the more he likes being alone. Yikes. So on this episode, when he got a text from her saying that she invited Madison LeCroy (Austen Kroll's ex) to dinner, I think that was the nail in the coffin for ole Craigy. He said, "I'm disappointed. And I think it says a lot about Natalie's character that maybe I haven't seen." It honestly seemed like this was finally the perfect excuse to break up with her.

On the Paige side of things... well, throughout the six episode season we were led to believe that there's a love blossoming between she and Andrea Denver... And I just can't find myself caring that much because I am too focused on the little moments between Craig and Paige to give a shit.

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