Which 'Winter House' Star Regrets Doing The Show The Most?

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Which 'Winter House' Star Regrets Doing The Show The Most?

We've reached the penultimate episode of Winter House, which means the winners and losers of the program are becoming apparent. Right now, there are only two happy people in the cursed Vermont AirBnb: Lindsay Hubbard and Jason Cameron. The Summer House star/publicist and the model have found a late-in-the-game romance with each other that seems to be, against all odds, low-drama and satisfying to both of them. Everyone else in the house is nursing one disappointment or another, and the only thing to do this episode was ski and go to a "Viking party."

Which means it's time to play: Who! Regrets! This! Decision! The Most! Which star probably wants the 17 days back that they spent in a house bugged with Bravo cameras more than the next? Let's dive in.

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula

The now-married couple aren't getting much out of this vacation, which they have said is their first in three years. Kyle has spent the majority of his time in the house drinking to the point of losing the power of speech, and Amanda has been left to skulk around by herself and listen to her friends complain about their dating lives.

On this episode, she was forced to ski with Kyle's family, which seemed to give her a lot of anxiety. I bet Kyle and Amanda wish they had gone to a tropical resort by themselves instead.

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