What's In The Background On 'Winter House?' (Part 1)

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What's In The Background On 'Winter House?' (Part 1)

Now. I don't have any Virgo in my zodiac chart, but you would think I did because I have an attention for detail. Whenever I watch a movie or TV show, I always notice the background, the silent extras who have to fill the scene, the lipstick stain on a poorly washed wine glass. Observing (judging?) these tiny details is one of my true pleasures. And when you throw all of my favorite (well, some more than others) Bravolebrities into one house, I have to keep my eye on the what is the fuck is going on in this Winter House chalet in Vermont.

Let's take a look at what these Winter House roomies are hiding in plain sight, shall we? (And tbh, I need to have words with the "decorator.")

A Caboodle

This truly shook me to my core. Two women and their caboodle. I'd love to open that baby up and take a peek at this 1997 make-up case in Julia McGuire and Lindsay Hubbard's room.

Regular Cokes

I knew I loved Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller. They are OG Coca-Cola girlies and I have to stan.

Whatever This Abstract Mess Is

OK. It's not that it's ugly, it's the fact it doesn't match any of the decor in this room. It's an eye sore. I should be looking at Paige and Andrea Denver (who, all of a sudden in the second episode, we're calling Andy? OK) but I'm looking at this "art" instead.

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