The Kitchen Table On 'Winter House' Has Seen Too Much

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The Kitchen Table On 'Winter House' Has Seen Too Much

On Wednesday's season finale of Winter House, everything pretty much returned to the way it was when the cast first entered their Vermont AirBnB. Austen Kroll and Ciara Miller decided to leave the house as "friends," given that Austen can't commit to a relationship at the moment. Paige DeSorbo left in the company of her beloved parents with the vague promise of a movie date with Italian model Andrea Denver, but we all know that's going nowhere. Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke stayed engaged. Yes, in the course of 17 non-stop days of filming, nothing of real consequence happened to anyone. But the kitchen table saw it all.

Never before have I seen a table so abused by its (temporary) owners. At any given moment, it was covered in empty Gatorade bottles, dirty little mugs, confetti, balloons that looked like boobs made in order to celebrate the three-year anniversary of Lindsay Hubbard getting breast implants, and straight-up trash. Over the course of six episodes, watching the cast drink themselves silly and generally disappoint one another over and over again, all I could think was: They are going to have to throw that table out.

Here's what the table looked like the first time we saw it during the season premiere:

Look at that lovely little fruit basket. Yes, someone had already set a glass down without using a coaster, but other than that, the whole thing was looking great. Not one day later, though, it became a resting place for three empty cups/bottles and Austen's dirty tissues.

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