Paige & Julia's Friendship Extends From Limited Too To 'Winter House'

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Paige & Julia's Friendship Extends From Limited Too To 'Winter House'

There are a lot of things that make Paige DeSorbo cool, but one of the things that makes her super duper cool is that she knows how to coordinate outfits perfectly. Take her time on Summer House, where you can catch her wearing coordinating sets like this, this, this, or this. They're perfect and vaguely reminiscent of a former fashion retailer from the early aughts that touted "It's a girl's world" in many a suburban mall across the country: Limited Too.

In the Winter House premiere we learn that Paige and Julia both modeled for Limited Too when they were tweens. (The very specific age bracket between child and teen that Limited Too had cornered the market on.) And anyone who was anyone knows that shopping at Limited Too was cool. Having your birthday party at Limited Too (and hosting a fashion show) was legit. But modeling for Limited Too? Grab your Lancôme Juicy Tube lipgloss because you're going to be kissing the ass of whomever locked in that gig.

I say all of this with industry knowledge, as I too worked for Limited Too briefly in my mid-teens. You could say Paige and Julia were essentially my coworkers, just trying to move product the best way we knew how. They did it by smiling and looking angelic for the camera, I did it by trying to convince parents that their daughters would want a Kevin Jonas t-shirt after the first Camp Rock came out. (Did I mention it was a brief gig?)

Regardless, game recognizes game and I knew that Paige's fashion sense didn't just form overnight. She learned it from one of the leading fashion houses in the industry and for that, she can simply not get any cooler.

Images: Bravo

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