Paige DeSorbo's Story About Thanksgiving With Craig Is Actually Cute

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Paige DeSorbo's Story About Thanksgiving With Craig Is Actually Cute

As the holidays approach, I do what any normal person does: I keep an eye out for any and all Bravo couple holiday content. Will they spend Christmas together? Will they get a tree? Will they break up on New Years Eve? I keep tabs on them all. And I'm here to report that our newest couple – Southern Charm's Craig Conover and Summer House's Paige Desorbo, aka the crossover of the century – spent their first Thanksgiving together.

I'm sure you saw that all over their social media, but wait, there's more.

On a recent episode of Paige's podcast Giggly Squad that she hosts with former co-star and friend Hannah Berner, Paige talks about how she went to Delaware to visit Craig's family. They did the whole traditional Thanksgiving thing, got a tree, saw some animals at the petting zoo... they basically had a Hallmark Thanksgiving.

Now, we know this wasn't the first time that Paige has met his family, so the stakes weren't that high. (She's said previously that they met and it went well.)

And then they went to Paige's hometown: Albany, New York.

This was the first time Craig was meeting her family and Paige said, "I was very nervous... and I will say this. It was a different kind of nervous than I've had with other boyfriends meeting my family. In previous relationships, my nerves were, 'is my family is gonna hate this person, how do I diffuse whatever is about to happen?' In this situation, I was very nervous that Craig wasn't going to like my family."

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