Paige & Craig Just Teased 'Winter House' Season 2 Drama With Lindsay

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Paige & Craig Just Teased 'Winter House' Season 2 Drama With Lindsay

On Monday's Watch What Happens Live! after-show, Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo dropped a little hint as to what to expect from Season 2 of Winter House. And from the sound of it, we're going to get some more Craig versus Lindsay Hubbard action up in Vermont.

Craig and Lindsay first exploded on this season of Summer House, when Lindsay told Paige that Craig was sleeping with Kristin Cavallari (something that Kristin denies, by the way.) Craig called Lindsay a loser and other choice words, and then Lindsay called out Craig on WWHL after that particular episode aired.

And during Monday's after-show, that all came up.

Two fans asked Craig if he felt like Lindsay owed him an apology for calling him narcissistic and arrogant on Watch What Happens Live, to which Craig responded:

"To each their own. I can't get too hung up on what people say or I would go crazy. I can tell you that we used to be friends, but over the past few years, we've kinda withered apart, but, ya know, I wish everyone the best."

Which set up Andy Cohen to ask about Winter House.

"You two just wrapped Winter House, you were there as a couple, how was that?" Andy asked.

[video Embed]

"It was a lot of fun. This was the longest we've been together. We've been together now for like, a straight month," said Paige.

"It was the longest, and fortunately, it brought us closer. It was a good project. It was wild, but we survived, which was good," added Craig.

"It was really fun," Paige.

Here's where it gets interesting... then Craig said:

"And you [get your answer to] the 'Lindsay' question, when Winter House comes out."

The Lindsay and Craig drama has been brewing for a while, and we gotta assume that Austen Kroll has something to do with it. Winter House Season 1 premiered in October of 2021... only six more months until we see Lindsay v. Craig, part two, in 2022!

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