Do we need a Season 3?

I found Winter House good for one thing only this season: taking a nap. I fell asleep watching every episode, probably because of its late time slot, probably because it looked so cold there I just wanted to hibernate, probably because nothhhhhing ever happened.

The fact that they tried to make the Lindsay and Carl dating timeline a Thing was so dumb. Like, who cares.

The Kory and Jess relationship was just kinda sad to watch, and we were rooting for Rachel and Jason but they didn’t do shit so it was just blah. Too little to grab onto.

The addition of the Toms was fun but too short lived. I needed to see Sandy put Craig in his place and it never happened.

Despite her protests, Paige did come across as aloof and we really missed her fun one liners. Can’t believe she’s still with Cra*g.

Kyle and Amanda were NPCs and Ciara and Austen’s drama was stale. Snooze.

I think we’re done here in Vermont. A Season 3 seems unlikely after this season’s flop.

Agree or disagree??