What do we think about Luke?

Another Sunday, another Winter House essay!

We've gotten to know Luke over several years, now. He's a bit of an enigma to me. How can someone so objectively hot strike out, nearly every single time he's interested in a woman?

Is he a fuckboi? Foe the first two seasons of Summer House, most certainly. Now? I think not. Is he a predator that touches women inappropriately? I also think not. Perhaps it's decades of internalized misogyny speaking, but I thought Jessica was kind of a dick when she very clearly said she was into him in the hot tub then abruptly decided she wasn't in the span of less than 24 hours. She has every right to change her mind but I'm not sure she was completely justified in making things as dramatic as they were. And now she's super into Corey because he's literally negging her on national television. Hmmmmmm.

And when Andy said on WWHL that "body language is communication" in response to a question about the unwanted touching? SIR. Have you met a straight guy? They are really not that perceptive. My husband is the sweetest man in the history of ever, but he's also a dude. Even after 15 years together, the guy cannot read my mind. I have to actually tell him what I want or what I'm thinking. If you think the average man can correctly interpret your body language 100% of the time then you live on a better planet than I do.

I appreciated that Luke really took ownership during that appearance. He seems to have used the incident as a learning experience, which demonstrates some growth (especially when compared to early Summer House). And now he's visiting DC and going to hockey games with Ashley. Do we like this? Do we like HIM?

And what do we think of the blind item submitted to Deux Moi in real time stating that Luke was kicked off the show for sexual assault? It was obviously someone in the house. Was it Craig? Was it Jess?

My take on Luke, as a GenXer whose definition of assault is most definitely (for better or worse) different from a younger person's, is that he's a flawed guy with a history of trauma who would perhaps not make an ideal partner (at least not right now) but seems to have decent intentions and an above-average sense of introspection. Then again, I also think Jessica is an obnoxious asshole. Someone on Twitter referred to her as "the prettiest girl in home school" and "dollar store Lindsay" and I kinda loved that. That's when it hit me how much I dislike her, so this take is CLEARLY biased.

Anyhow, what say you? Has Luke evolved or does this season of Winter House cement forever his reputation as a clueless womanizer? I think he's not a bad guy, and I'd pick him over Craig in a hot second.