vibe ~104~

I love my dog, Tito’s, and Bravo (in that order).

This tracks. If she really couldn't remember then she wouldn't have said that a cover story was required. The botox theory is not at all plausible because botox doesn't bruise like that and the eyelid is almost never injected. I also think Heather would really enjoy throwing anyone other than Jen right under the bus. Jen has a history of getting physical so I agree that she seems like the most likely suspect. I was actually never a Heather stan but now I actively dislike her.

I don't think she's dimwitted, but I also don't think she's ruthless enough to play that sort of long game. I mean, being around James looks EXHAUSTING. If she was faking all that time then she's got more commitment than a 1980s Soviet sleeper agent.

I think she's like Taylor from Southern Charm. Definitely attracted to the fame. And now capitalizing on their breakups for clout. Not necessarily premeditated, just opportunistic.

I loved this show. And Adja is a STAR. They were all very watchable (although Victoria annoyed me), but Adja was EVERYTHING.

And I wrote this BEFORE this week's episode of Winter House, which I think proved all points. What an ass.

That was SO offensive. To be a white guy from the upper middle class suburbs and saying you "come from nothing" is just...delusional. Perfect example of being born on third base and thinking you hit a triple.

Boy, you didn't work for ANYTHING. You probably didn't even have student loans. SHUT UP.

I agree that Kathy probably threw a hissy fit when she didn't immediately get her way. She's a rich, white boomer. It's kind of their thing. HOWEVER. We have all said shit about our siblings. If you haven't lost your mind and screamed at or about your siblings then I admire you greatly. But I don't feel badly for Kyle. Kathy kept looking over for ANY support from Kyle and she got NOTHING. You could almost see the "girl BYE" moment when Kathy realized Kyle wasn't going to have her back.

I believe Amanda 100% but it was a huge mistake to have said that when Lindsay has done a ton of unpaid PR for Loverboy. I bet Kyle is PISSED.

You know what image perfectly encapsulates that family? The image of them hugging each other at her mom's graveside. Why? Because they had to ask someone to take that photo. The fact that Lisa wanted someone to take a picture of them like that is just...YUCK. I feel so sorry for those young women, Having grown up around the ultimate LOOK AT MEEEEEE parent must have been exhausting.

I, too, stopped watching OC and Jersey because it's JUST NOT FUN. I know people love Teresa but she has a long history of blind, toxic loyalty to terrible men. And Luis? Girl, you in danger,

SLC is a shit show. Whitney and Heather are DONE. The footage from BravoCon was so sad. And Meredith? Girl, please shut up. Lisa said nasty stuff because she lost her shit. I don't think she realized she was being filmed. Why would she want that on tape? And Meredith is STILL defending Jen. WTF?

Lol great minds think alike. I literally posted the same question. I want her gone (I just wrote like 5 paragraphs about it...I'm home sick and bored) because I am not a fan of this new ultra dark chapter of Bravo. It's too far. It's not entertaining to me. I don't care if she's just playing a character. It's not enjoyable. If I want to watch people be viciously mean to others I can just go to work.

Sadly, I will be very surprised if she's let go. Bravo seems to like this new unhinged vibe.