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I love my dog, Tito’s, and Bravo (in that order).

It's like she came across an IG account for terrible 80s hair mistakes and said, "OMG YES THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANT BUT TACKIER."

She isn't really known for being very self-aware, so I'm going with the latter. IT WAS SO BAD THO, Y'ALL. I knew her look was never gonna be (Dorit voice) "so chic" but GOOD LORD that hair gave me physical pain.

I love her, agree that she's a star and is definitely a great addition to the show. Maybe it's because I'm a divorced mom, but I had the opposite reaction to that convo. She seemed like she was blaming her mom for NOT fighting with her dad in front of her? That she lacks skills in conflict resolution because her parents didn't go at it in her presence? Do children of parents in "happy" households also have this disadvantage? I felt so bad for her mom in that moment. That scene was not it.

Am I the only one who thinks she only dated him to get on the show, and stuck around until she got the full time spot? Perhaps it's because I went to school in SC and encountered many a "Shep" in my day, but the man has literally no redeeming qualities. Sure, he's insanely wealthy, but that doesn't remotely compensate for the fact that he's an arrogant, condescending , unattractive, habitually unfaithful man-child.

Good question. Lestat was French, famously blond, and turned when he was very young. Brad Pitt should have been Lestat and Tom should not have been in the movie at all. And, he was too young in 1994 but Heath Ledger would have been amazing if the timing had been different.

I don't think she's been excellent television for a while now. For the last several seasons, I can only remember her for what she showcased on RHUGT. Which is to say, I don't find her patented "do rude/dumb stuff to secure the best room, flaunt naked body whilst simultaneously shaming others for any hint of sexuality, hitting on dudes who clearly aren't into her, and peeing/pooping herself" to be all that compelling. If your only talent is being an ahole, at least be as entertaining as Marlo.

You're probably too young for this, but casting Tom Cruise as Lestat in Interview with a Vampire (which was insanely anticipated at the time) was a crushing disappointment to fans of the book. He ruined the film for me. The silver lining was Kristin Dunst, in her first major film role, absolutely CRUSHED the Claudia character.

My only hope is that Dubrow has pissed off production enough to get the "Kyle Richards after signing with Netflix" edit this season.

Your comment about not seeing her the rest of this season got me thinking. If they edited out the guy on Below Deck Med for being a misogynist, they could edit out Diana for being racist. A bit telling that they have not done so...

Jules from RHONY, Claudia from RHOA, Katie from RHOP, and UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME...Noella from RHOC. Noella is a loon but she's entertaining and she stood up to Fancy Pants. I don't really enjoy the Heather Dubrow show. She's an a-hole and a bully, and I don't think she has a genuine bone in her body.