Winter house filming this week

OK so the rumor is winter house is starting to film on Friday. Kyle and Amanda, Ciara and Austen, Paige and Craig. Oh and Jason is allegedly coming back. With appearances from Carl and Lindsay. Also there are allegedly some new people in the mix. I just wonder how Lindsay and Jason are going to handle things when they do make an appearance. Because it just doesn’t seem like there was any closure for the audience as to where her and Jason went. I applaud Lindsey for being so open about her miscarriage and obviously wanting to have a good summer but now that her and Carl are very serious I think that I want an explanation on how her and Jason ended. Also, the Word on the street is that Austen has a girlfriend so I’m just hoping that either he shows up single and doesn’t lead Ciara along or Ciara is completely over him and will find a new person to hook up with. Actually, that storyline may be wrapped up by the end of summer house because Austen is supposed to hook up with Lindsay so we have lots to address before and during winter house. I really do hope that this rumor is a bit off and Mya returns because I am enjoying her on summer house so much.