When will 'Winter House' season 2 premiere?

Because you aren't real Bravo fan unless you've stalked its production companies' job listings... I saw that Truly Originals, the production company behind Winter House, is hiring a Field Producer for "returning Bravo show" that is filmed in Vermont from 2/21 to 3/14. Obvi, it's Winter House season 2. By that logic, it stands to reason that we'll get the premiere in October, 2022 again. The good news is that it seems like they're filming for 3 weeks instead of 2. Not sure if they ARE filming the whole time, or they're filming for 2 weeks and the producer needs to work 3 weeks for editing and storyboarding, etc, but! I like that it's happening in Vermont (rumors had it it was in Aspen) and that we can look forward to another season in the snow! Season 1 premiered Oct 20 after a similar filming timeline... my money's on a similar premiere date for Season 2.