Austen & Craig dropped Winter House season 2 secrets at Live show

At the live Pillows and Beers tonight in NYC, Austen and Craig revealed that some bravolebs from other Bravo shows — not just Summer House and Southern Charm — will be on Winter House Season 2. There will also be some newbies, they said.

Later in the show, Craig talked about how much he loves old school Vanderpump Rules and how he’d have Stassi raise his kids. (Someone asked him who he would choose in the bravoverse to be his baby mama if not Paige).

I don’t think Stassi would show up for more than a night or two in Vermont (plus, it’d be weird to have her show up and then not address her problematic past)…

So, it’s gotta be Tom and Tom, right? They seem free lol. Who else could it be?

(And yes I waited until after midnight to post to make sure y’all knew this wasn’t and April Fools thing. It’s real! I mean it’s not THAT exciting but it’s somethin, at least.)