Luke Talks 'Winter House' Romances, DeuxMoi Rumors, & Hannah Conspiracy Theories

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Luke Talks 'Winter House' Romances, DeuxMoi Rumors, & Hannah Conspiracy Theories

Fans of Winter House have seen Luke Gulbranson take to the climate like, well, a polar bear to snow. Because the native Minnesotan is finally in his element in these elements, happy to help his cast mates get accustomed to life outside a Hamptons swimming pool. "I grew up in a cold climate, so anywhere I can take a vacation in a cold climate, I tend to revel in it," he tells Morgan Wright on the latest episode of The Dipp's Morgan's Pop Talks podcast.

But while he's happy to talk about winter weather, he's definitely clammy about what might heat up Winter House this season, whether the topic of discussion is a possible hot tub moment with Gabby ("You're just going to have to tune in and watch") or a romance between Ciara and Austen ("You'll just have to tune in"). In fact, during his chat with Morgan, he seems to be eschewing drama altogether, even brushing off Craig's implication that Luke has a big ego on Watch What Happens Live. "You have to have a thick skin in life," he says. "People are going to talk behind your back. Sometimes when you're on TV, you're going to hear it."

And, of course, there's more — during their chat, Luke talks to Morgan about Kyle and Amanda's wedding, DeuxMoi rumors about him and Paige, and conspiracy theories about Hannah Berner. Listen to the new episode, sponsored by ZocDoc, below (or on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts) to find out more, as well as get Morgan's take on the Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian rumors and more trending pop culture stories, ya know?

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