My On-Again, Off-Again Love Of Austen Kroll

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My On-Again, Off-Again Love Of Austen Kroll

It's no secret I have been Austen Kroll's toughest critic, especially after the misogynistic disaster that was the Southern Charm Season 7 reunion. I haven't always felt this way about Austen though; when he first joined Southern Charm he seemed relatively level-headed. He wore glasses to his first reunion and I thought, "What a sophisticated gentleman." In comparison to the rest of the men on the cast, Austen looked like a damn Disney prince next to a slimy sea urchin like Thomas Ravenel.

But of course things changed and Austen got worse and I went back to making fun of him and his "beta" bitch actions. That was, until, Winter House premiered.

That's when something changed... and I'm not sure what exactly is going on but guys, Austen has been doing it for me.

Call it the editing, call it the snow, call it the chunky cable-knits sweaters, but there's something happening with Austen that makes me think... is this man-child changing for the better?

Much like with Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, there is something about Austen being plucked from his comfort zone of the local Charleston bar scene and being forced to meet people that might be causing him to be putting his best foot forward. And honestly, if that's the case, I don't hate it. Overall, he comes off charming as hell on Winter House. And I suddenly understand how he got women like Chelsea Meissner, Madison LeCroy, and now Ciara Miller. This man is disarming in his flirtation and kind of like a gentle giant.

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