Judging The New 'Winter House' Cast, Because That's What I Do Best

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Judging The New 'Winter House' Cast, Because That's What I Do Best

I know I know, I shouldn't judge. But, let's be honest, I can't help myself, especially when it comes to a new Bravo show, and especially when the new Bravo show combines old vets of Summer House, Southern Charm, and some new blood mixed in. So, let the judging begin, because the Winter Charm cast has officially been announced, and the cast photo resembles a fall GAP ad. Everyone is in camel and white turtlenecks and scarves, and some *cough cough* Austen, is in both. Quite a lewk. See? Isn't judging fun?

With the OG crew, though, I kind of know what to expect (or so I think so, anyway) but with the newbies, I needed to get a good look at the their social media to see who we're dealing with here. Here's what I found, along with my ... judgements.

Andrea Denver

[rich Embed]

Obviously, first things first, he's good looking. He is an Italian model, Instagram influencer with 1.2 million followers, which is way more than anyone else on the cast, so a great choice by casting standards, because he has a huge reach and that could bring viewership our at least awareness, to the show.

But. I get major thirst vibes from him.

I cringe a lot while scrolling through his feed. One of the photos that stuck out to me was the one above. It's a series of shirtless pics in front of a birthday cake posing after his friends "threw him a birthday party" and "pranked" him with the wrong age balloons.

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