9 Things From The 'Winter House' Trailer That Were Cut From The Show

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9 Things From The 'Winter House' Trailer That Were Cut From The Show

Whenever there's a trailer for an upcoming show I love, I watch every second and try to piece things together. I even look at social media and compare and contrast what I see in the trailer versus what's on the internet. I go full Nancy Drew, is what I'm saying. Is it over the top?! Maybe, but it paid off while watching Winter House.

When we got the Winter House trailer in September, I was thrilled. There seemed to be so much drama, so many different and new dynamics... shit, they teased that the show was going to be more than just drunken theme parties (which, I love by the way) but when it came time to actually show any of that stuff... they didn't.

Over the course of the six episode season, we were beaten over the head with the Ciara Miller/Austen Kroll love story, and everything else was just served up as side dishes. Where was the rest of the meat?

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I decided to put my detective hat on and compile a list of all the things the Winter House trailer showed us that we never got to see in the actual episodes.

The Panty Raid

In the very beginning of the trailer, Julia Maguire says "why are their panties on the ground!?" and that is from a panty raid that Andrea Denver did as part of his fraternity hazing by Craig Conover and Austen Kroll that they never showed.

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