James Dwyer Talks 'WWDITS's Jeremy The Virgin, Improv On Set, & "The Casino"

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James Dwyer Talks 'WWDITS's Jeremy The Virgin, Improv On Set, & "The Casino"

James Dwyer remembers what wardrobe told him the day he showed up on What We Do In The Shadows' set to play Season 1's Jeremy the Virgin. "'Your look, ugh, it just nails this role,'" Dwyer recalls to Not You, Guillermo co-hosts Patrick Monahan and Nicole Conlan. "I just showed up in my normal clothes and they said, 'Wow you really nailed it ... You scream old virgin. It is absolutely radiating off of you. If I get too close... ooh, scorched by your virginity.'"

Dwyer is just one What We Do In The Shadows actor perfect for his role, which is why we were as excited as Nadja with the Rat Pack to chat with him about his experiences on set. In his interview with our Not You, Guillermo podcast, Dwyer talks about what Jermaine Clement was like behind-the-scenes, how Mark Proksch managed to improvise in the nude during a long shoot, and what What We Do In The Shadows would be like as a multi-camera sitcom. (Our vampires are the most Modern of ancient Families, right?)

Also, Dwyer sticks around to chat the excellent fourth episode of the third season, "The Casino," which gave us our first "not you, Guillermo" mention.

Bazinga! We expect to see our SEO results go up accordingly, thankyouverymuch.

Listen to the new episode below for the trio's take on "The Casino," all that Big Bang Theory talk, Colin's first drain of the season, and more. Plus, check out James Dwyer's brand-new podcast, Stinkers, now live wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also check out Not You, Guillermo on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts! But... not you, Guillermo.

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