Harvey Guillén Tells Us Whether Guillermo Will Ever Become A Vampire

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Harvey Guillén Tells Us Whether Guillermo Will Ever Become A Vampire

Behind-the-scenes details, inside scoop on Season 4, and Matt Berry in a Canadian tuxedo. For fans of FX's What We Do In The Shadows, this year's New York Comic-Con had everything. Which is why we were thrilled to send Not You, Guillermo host Patrick Monahan to attend the festivities, where he got the 411 on some of the series' biggest lingering questions, like: will Guillermo ever become a vampire?

Harvey Guillén, the actor who plays the soft-spoken familiar-turned-vampire slayer-turned-bodyguard tackled the question himself for our Not You, Guillermo podcast, and revealed that his character is indeed experiencing a transition — an emotional one, that is. "If you remember at the beginning of the season, it wasn't much of a choice: become a bodyguard or you're dead," Guillén said. "It's not the ideal goal of what he wanted to be, but he's also finding himself ... Sometimes the universe is like, You're so good at this. Try this for a second."

So does this mean the universe will win out? Guillén isn't telling, but, "Sometimes you really got to stop and listen to the universe. He can still have that dream of being a vampire. Will he become a vampire? We don't know. Will he still have that dream? Who's to say? Do dreams change and alter as time goes by? Sure, ask anyone. So sky's the limit."

Guillén might be mum on Guillermo's future, but executive producer Paul Simms did say what we might be able to expect for the rest of the season, including some "heavy emotion" and a cameo from "a great movie vampire that comes and joins." Plus, what other types of vampires we can expect from the season, and why the show decided to explore Colin Robinson's mortality.

Listen to the new episode for more from Guillén and Simms, and for interviews with Natasia Demetriou and Berry, during which the actors share their thoughts about why the vampires would allow a documentary film crew to roll the tape in their Staten Island home. (Berry's POV? "For Laszlo ... it's more people to have sex with.")

You can also check out Not You, Guillermo on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts! But... not you, Guillermo.

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