'What We Do In The Shadows' Writers Jake Bender & Zach Dunn Talk "The Escape" & The Baron's Return

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'What We Do In The Shadows' Writers Jake Bender & Zach Dunn Talk "The Escape" & The Baron's Return

"Stuff's gonna happen on the show," says What We Do In The Shadows writer Jake Bender on the latest episode of The Dipp's Not You, Guillermo. "We're here to drop the bombs, and stuff is gonna happen." He and co-writer Zach Dunn might not be able to spill everything on the rest of the season to come, but, still, as the writers of "The Escape," the latest episode of the FX vampire comedy, they came to the podcast with plenty of behind-the-scenes intel.

And that's welcome intel for fans, who saw not only the return of the Baron (Doug Jones) in "The Escape," but also the introduction of the Sire, a character Zach and Jake created. But they had no idea just how well it would be executed by What We Do In The Shadows' crew. "We wrote in that it was nasty and had big wings and stuff," said Zach, underscoring just how much creativity exists on the set.

But there's so much more about "The Escape" to discuss with Not You, Guillermo co-hosts Patrick Monahan and Nicole Conlan, including why the Baron returned (h/t Jemaine Clement for that one), the language Jake and Zach created that was subsequently cut from the episodes, and how Cuomo press conferences influenced the half hour. Plus, exactly how the vampires' "camera crew" managed to film with the gargoyles. ("It's canonically drone," says Zach about any nit-picky questions regarding the on-screen crew.)

Listen to the new episode here to listen to to more, including what it was like writing the show during COVID, the biggest mystery of What We Do In The Shadows, and which character Zach and Jack got in their WWDITS BuzzFeed quiz. You can also check out Not You, Guillermo on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts! But... not you, Guillermo.

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